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Swarovski 5040 Briolette - -
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  Taylor üzletek elérhetőségei | Nyitvatartás

Size sections: 

MM 4,0
4 pieces
MM 6,0
3 pieces
MM 8,0
4 pieces
MM 12,0
2 pieces
MM 18,0
1 piece
Crystal (001)
Crystal AB (001 AB)
Crystal Golden Shadow (001 GSHA)  
Crystal Iridescent Green (001 IRIG)  
Crystal Metallic Light Gold 2x (001 MLG2)  
Crystal Scarabaeus Green (001 SCGR)  
Jet (280)
Indicolite (379) 
Light siam

Swarovski crystal beads products is extremely bright, sparkling with refraction.
Swarovski 5040 shape is unique.
Factory packages or units can be purchased.
The semi-finished product swarovski 5040 swarovski well combined with other products.
Use of broad, embellished with swarovski crystal bead dance costumes, tiara, dresses, bracelets, necklaces, home decoration items and much more.
Perfect for dancers, for figure skating, rhythmic gymnastics, brides and anyone who wants more sparkle of the Swarovski crystals.
Ideal for making beaded jewelry, swarovski since the diamond grinding approximate quality.

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